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    The TEAS test measures your general knowledge of four subjects: Mathematics, Science, English and Language Usage, and Reading Comprehension. As of August 31, 2017, the TEAS V will be retired and replaced by an updated version, the ATI TEAS (also referred to as the TEAS 6). There are 2 versions of the test: electronic and paper and pencil. The type of test you take depends on where you are taking it. The content on the test is the same no matter which version you take.

    Course creator: Dennis Burke

    Certification in Credit Management



    This course on Credit Management has a total of five units. The module introduces the leaner to the functions of management, various aspects of management. The module also introduces the learner on various management theories and aspects of human resource management in the corporate environment.

    The module has been designed keeping in mind learner requirement and from the learners' perspective.